Adult Registration

Dear Coach, Manager, or League Director:

Thank you for your interest in registering your team, teams, or league with the ASA.  The following information should give you needed registration information and options.  If you still have questions, you can call me at (work) 216-664-2326, (home)
216-741-8281, or e-mail me at

Team Registration
The cost to register a team or league is $20/team.  All fees are payable to ASA Metro Cleveland, by League Check or Money Order—NO personal checks, please. For each team, please provide the following information: Team Name, Age Group, Team Gender , Team Division (Fast pitch or Slow pitch), and the Manager’s Name and complete address. Payment to ASA Metro Cleveland is due with registration by League Check or Money Order—NO personal checks, please.  Please send all registrations to:
C/o Donn Addante
4211 Fulton Parkway #212
Cleveland, Ohio 44144

Registration with the ASA provides each team the following benefits: a rulebook & scorebook, use of ASA registered umpires for league games, the ability to enter ASA tournaments.  Registered teams also have the option to purchase additional ASA insurance through Bollinger Insurance at 1-800-526-1379 or

Individual Registration
Youth may register individually with the ASA to receive $2 Million in liability insurance and $250,000 in excess accident insurance with a variable deductible.  The insurance, provided by Bollinger, is from January 1 to December 31 of the current year, and covers the player for all ASA activities.  This insurance will supplement the limitations of the player’s primary insurance, including deductible amounts.  The main advantage to individual registration is the insurance coverage.   Many Americans are uninsured or under-insured; this program was designed to provide our youth players with medical care. 

If an entire team (10 or more players) registers individually, that team receives the same benefits they would receive if it registered as a team, plus free insurance coverage for one coach or manager.  The free registrant will receive the deductible that the majority of the players elect plus receiving the liability insurance.   Additional coaches (more than one per team), bat persons, scorekeepers, or related team personnel may pay the same fee as players to receive the insurance coverage. If an entire league registers all of its players, the teams, league and officers (1 officer per team) are covered free. Again, additional league officials would pay the same fees as players.

Each individual player, coach, team official, or league official must submit the following personal information: name, date of birth, social security number (optional), phone number w/area code, and every player must include the name of his or her parent or legal guardian.   The same information for team registration:  League Name, Team Name, Age Group, Team Gender (Boys or Girls), Team Division (Fast pitch or Slow pitch), and the Manager’s Name and complete address must also be submitted with individual registrations. For more information about individual registration: please check the Fast Pitch/Junior Olympic page of this website OR call Tom Burke at (440) 263—7999 or (440) 238—3453.

Thank you.  I wish all of your teams a safe season and a softball experience filled with fun, friendship, and skill development.

Yours in softball,
Donn Addante